How To Create A Music Website And Earn Money From It

Here's the problem: most artists don't understand how to create a music website and earn money because they are trying…...
How To Create A Music Website And Earn Money From It
January 20, 2022

If you’ve known me for a while, are a fan of mine on social media, or you’ve seen some of my videos, you’ll know that I love to make music as a hobby/side-hustle. Because I’ve been in the music industry, I’ve had the opportunity to rub elbows and work with a lot of incredible artists and musicians. However, there is a common struggle with most of them, they’re not sure how to create a music website and earn money from it.

Here’s the problem: most artists don’t understand how to create a music website and earn money because they are trying to accomplish too many goals with the website at once.

Attracting music fans is extremely difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Let me first ask you this, if you are an artist or musician. What is the goal of your website?

From my previous conversations and experience in designing websites in the music niche, there are a ton of goals. While these goals are wonderful to have, they are not the right things you need to implement when you’re trying to learn how to create a music website and earn money.

These are the most common goals I hear:

  • More streams/plays/listens via mp3 platform (Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc)
  • More video views (music videos, interviews, live events)
  • Sell merchandise
  • Sell tickets to live events
  • Grow a social media following (including dominant links to social media profiles)

These are all great goals if you’re an artist, but there is only 1 problem with all of these methods. None of these allow you to continue marketing to your audience after they’ve left the website.

Let’s say you’re sending traffic to your homepage and your homepage has a section with an audio/video player, a section for merchandise, a section for live events, a section with social media follow buttons. The problem with having all of these things on the homepage is that there are too many options for the visitor.

Your visitors are overwhelmed with where to look and they don’t know what to do. Most of the time, people will leave your site before they’ve had a chance to take an action.

Think about it like this: When you first meet someone on the street, would you say “hey, my name is ______. Would you care to listen to my music? And buy a t-shirt? And a ticket to my show? And follow me on social media?”

No, you wouldn’t. People will think you’re annoying and not want anything to do with you. So why would you do that with your website?

This is where conversion-focused web design comes into play. Instead of trying to get your visitors to see everything that you’ve got going on, try to make them a fan first.

Now it should be clear as day what you should be doing on your website, but how do you actually go about doing it?

Set 1 goal for the homepage and 1 goal only

In order for an artist’s website to be successful, the end goal needs to be clear on all possible traffic conversions. You need visitors who are there for a single purpose, and they will convert when that purpose is fulfilled. This is the most important concept to understand when you’re learning how to create a music website and earn money from it.

The site must capture their information so they can be continuously marketed to in the future.

Your main goal should first be to capture your visitors’ email addresses.

Why is email marketing so important for a musician?

How To Create A Music Website And Earn Money From ItIt’s simple. Any time you release a new song, create a new piece of merchandise, and/or get booked for a live event, you’ll have an audience that already enjoys your music to send emails to.

This allows you to cut out the middleman (aka, the marketing team at Spotify or Apple Music), and market directly to your fans yourself. You have direct access to your fans that you can keep building on with live shows, merchandise sales, music releases, etc.

When people see an artist’s website where they’re getting something of value, they know exactly what to expect when they leave the site.

Email marketing is the best method for you to learn how to create a music website and earn money. Email marketing forms a stronger bond and trust between the fan and artist because the fans know that you’re able to provide them with future content or merchandise. Staying in the spotlight is the name of the game.

Capture visitor information with an opt-in form linked to an email marketing software

Email marketing is the #1 source of bringing back an audience who have been to your website (remember, you want to continuously market to them in the future). Implementing email marketing into your strategy will make it easier to understand how to create a music website and earn money.

The concept is simple. Once a user signs up to your email list, you can set up an automated follow-up series that builds rapport with this person. This is important because if you can build trust with them, they are more likely to listen to your music. They’ll also be more likely to purchase your merchandise, attend your events, and follow you on social media.

Keep this in mind once you have captured your visitors’ email addresses. You’ll be able to send the following emails:

  • New music
  • New videos
  • New media publication/radio interview
  • New merchandise
  • Upcoming shows/events
  • Promote a social media channel (your Instagram, TikTok, Facebook page, etc)
  • Ask questions (engage with your audience)

You can send any type of email. Just remember to be authentic, yourself. Also, make sure that your audience feels engaged.

Here’s a perfect example of how to create a music website and earn money from it

How To Create A Music Website And Earn MoneyCheck out this website that I designed for Country-Rock singer Mike Rhodes. I designed this homepage to do 1 thing and 1 thing only… Capture the visitors’ email addresses. This is the perfect example of how to create a music website and earn money from the funnel.

In exchange for a visitor’s email address, we put together an automated follow-up email series with free music and a special offer at the very end.

This homepage has a conversion rate of 15%. That means that out of every 100 visitors that browse his website, 15 people pop their email addresses into the opt-in form. The average conversion rate for most websites falls around 2.35% and the top 25% of websites are converting around 5.31% or higher.

Section by section, this design was created to showcase Mike Rhodes’ music and inform the visitors exactly what they’ll be getting when they join the “Mike Rhodes Audio Experience” email list.

Make the goal of your homepage clear with a single call-to-action that drives users into subscribing to your email list for free, valuable content. Like on Mike Rhodes’ site, “Take A Listen” is the dominant, single call-to-action.

Your visitors need to know exactly what they’re going to get out of their decision to subscribe. This is vital when you’re trying to learn how to create a music website and earn money.

You can do the same thing within your website content. The way it works is simple – the more valuable the free content, the more likely people will subscribe. And again, once they’re on your email list, you’ll be able to keep your fans updated on your music career’s growth and future releases.

If you have questions about how to create a music website and earn money from it, drop a comment below. Alternatively, if you need help putting together your website to grow your fanbase, reach out to me so that we can work one-on-one on your website!

*Please note that some links on this page may be affiliate links. I may receive a small commission when you purchase anything from these links.

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